The winery is located in the highest altitude area of D.O. La Mancha at 700 meters above sea level. This high altitude gives long hours of bright sunshine and moderates the daytime harvest temperatures and creates cool nights, which help slow ripening and retain acidity in the grapes.

Our Tempranillo vineyards are grown to perfection in our warm continental climate in calcareous clay soils which retain water well and allow the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly.

Our wines pass through a triple selection process: in the vineyard during the harvest, upon arrival at the winery and finally when creating our final blends.

Our wines are Vegan certified. We do not use animal by products in the winegrowing process.



Atril wines are a reflection of our dedication to preserving and conserving the land, the history, the tradition handed down to us through the generations.


The winemaking traditions of our land blended harmoniously with the latest cutting-edge techniques. We are committed to preserving our grape-growing landscape, our land, and bottling only wines which reflect our viticultural heritage.


Versatile wines which pair perfectly with the wide range of flavors in Spanish cuisine. Wines crafted with value in mind, with Canfo you get quality at an affordable price.


A wine born from inspiration and authenticity. The finest grapes from century-old pre-phylloxera vines.


Respectful wine growing in a search for fruity expressions of the local varieties of grapes. Our wines are defined by their drinkability, their typicity and the life-affirming joy of the Spanish essence.


A collection of delicious, refreshing wines which fit perfectly in an anyday wine moment. Gladium is about drinkability, about joyfulness.